Duffus, Spynie & Hopeman Parish CHURCH



We have installed 2 wheelchair-accessible picnic benches in the car  park at

Spynie Kirk, so that people can come and sit, enjoying God's creation and finding

time for reflection. We know how important finding times like that can be for

everyone, and we know people use the car park at lunchtimes or coming & going

at Spynie Hall, so we hope everyone feels welcome to stay a while and be still.

Thanks to Berry Burn Community Fund for the bulk of the funding.

We dedicated the benches on the morning of Sunday 30th September 2018 


                                 And here's the prayer of dedication:


        Thank you for the beauty of this place, the rhythm of the season

         painted in this landscape, the space & light that opens up space

        & light in our souls.

        Bless these benches and all who use them. May they know that

        they are welcomed. May they find peace. May they glimpse you,

        God, and learn that you love them and are with them always.

        Thank you for all the people whose work & dedication has made

        this possible. May we all keep listening for new ways to touch the

        lives of all.

       We dedicate these benches, this place, and ourselves, in the name

       of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,